8 months of preparation, meetings, maintenance at the location and many more. On Friday we started with a big team to get everything ready, it was a long day..but we were satisfied.

Saturday morning we opened the location and the first teams arrived. Our volunteers worked hard to help the organisers during the day. Before the first game started with Utrecht Disaster against Starz Select we had one minute of silence in memory of Mark van Rooijen, who was among other things the bench official of the Utrecht Disaster club. Unfortunately he past away a few weeks before the tournament. In the afternoon the teams could have a nice pasta lunch from our catering. Before the last game of the day Utrecht Disaster against the Dusseldorf Rams started, the President of the Utrecht Disaster club gave a speech and opened the grandstand in honor of the deceased member Mark van rooijen. In the evening we organised a party for the players and (old) members of the Utrecht Disaster club, because of their 20 year jubilee.

Sunday morning we had a bit rough start because of the fun party the night before🍻, but we we’re still motivated and everything was ready when the teams arrived. It was a good day again and also the media was there…AD, RTV Utrecht, U in de wijk, they all filmed, photographed and interviewed the tournament. Also The VAR and The Brug placed an article in their news paper. A lot of publicity for our first tournament and the Utrecht Disaster club! The finales on Sunday evening was Tilburg Capitals (NL) against Starz Select (DK). These teams were well matched but Tilburg won with 5-4!! We had a beautiful award ceremony and it was a great closure of the tournament!!!

We would like to thank all the teams for coming, we hope to see you next year again. Also we would like to thank the volunteers, referees, bench officials for there help, you where great and we hope we can count on you again next year. Also we would like to thank Heleen van Dijk en John Willemse for all the help, effort and trust to make this happen at their location. And of course our sponsors, Thermal process systems (Rik Valk), Orthoflex (Arnold Jansse), François Eijgelshoven,Demelinne Hockey (Mannitas Demelinne), Ricardo Daniël Gerrets and most of all our main sponsors R.Promotions (Ramon Rhijnen) and Restaurant Op De Haven Culemborg (Lodewijk van Brummelen), without you we could not have such a well organised tournament!

Together we have done a great job, we received a lot of compliments and we hope to see each and everyone next year again!!! 💪👍

Timo van Os & Denise Ploeg
Team Disaster Cup

Results Disaster Cup 2017:

1. Tilburg Capitals (NL)
2. Starz Select (DK)
3. Dare Devils Den Bosch(NL)
4. Dusseldorf Rams (DE)
5. Zwolle Bluewings (NL)
6. Utrecht Disaster (NL)

Disaster Cup 2017, the day after….